About us

Located conveniently across the street from St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton, our newly renovated clinic provides exceptional diagnostic imaging in a modern and patient friendly environment.

Come tour our new facility and witness for yourself how Charlton X-Ray provides excellent care for your patients.

Imagus Inc. is owned and operated by the Radiologists of St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton. We have two Diagnostic Imaging Facilities in the Greater Hamilton Area. Both have recently undergone major renovations and were updated with the newest equipment available. These changes also enabled another total transformation - moving from traditional film to digital environment.

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Our specialists

At Imagus, we provide our highly specialized team with a world-class working environment which translates to high quality, patient-centric, service delivery. more...

New - Imaging Exams Online!

Starting October 27th, 2017 patients will be able to
request their imaging exams online via PocketHealth.
Your images can also be shared via PocketHealth.
In order to access this service (after October 27th),
please click Here

A Modern Approach

We are currently working with eHealth Ontario to become the first Independent Health Facility in South Western Ontario to be linked in to the Diagnostic Imaging Program (DI) Image Repository. This will allow Hospitals and physicians on the OneView Network to view our patients' images and reports as well as allowing our Radiologists access to previous images (in the repository) for comparison. more info

Exam Preparation

Please review the following information to ensure that you are appropriately prepared for your tests.